Dr. Firouz Clinical Interview Series 

In this video series, Dr. Firouz provides valuable insight into a variety of clinical topics as it pertains to Invisalign treatment.   Topics range from clincheck treatment planning and attachments,  to the causes of common tracking issues and clinical problems such as posterior open bites.  The goal of this video series is to provide an introduction to many of the details and nuances that go into providing a successful, efficient, and comprehensive Invisalign treatment. 

Dr. Firouz on Clincheck Setup & Attachments

Dr. Firouz on Posterior Open Bites & Torque

Dr. Firouz on the Main Tracking Issues & Causes

Dr. Firouz on His Experience with Vibration Technology 

How Often to Change Aligners 

Common Consultation Questions

Dr Firouz's Favorite iTero Feature

Dr Firouz's on the Topic of IPR 

The Value CAG Brings to Dentists 

 How to Make Invisalign More Cost Effective

Why Invisalign V.S. the Competition